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StrongSuit Gloves | Warrior – Black
StrongSuit Gloves takes performance tactical gloves, motorcycle gloves, and work gloves to the next level with the best fit, giving you strength at hand.
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Warrior – Black


Warrior – Black

Style #51300 Size S-XXL

The Warrior is designed for any encounter. IntekTough knuckle guards provide the best protection and fit. DDH natural hairsheep leather, PK stitched palm provides durable protection with unparalleled fit. Kevlar® fabric provides cut and flame protection. IntekTouch technology allows touchscreen use.

  1. IntekTough Knuckles – New and revolutionary material provides a more comfortable fit than traditional carbon or plastic but with improved protection – EN13594 clause 4.11 certified.
  2. Full DDH leather palm – superior fit and abrasion performance. PK seamed on the outside so you don’t feel the seams when wearing the glove.
  3. The Warrior is cut and flame retardant. It’s designed to shoulder the load for whatever encounter lies ahead.

Strong Suit Gloves take performance tactical gloves to the next level with a better fitting glove, giving you STRENGTH AT HAND.

  • StrongSuit Gloves takes performance tactical gloves to the next level with the best fit, giving you can have strength at hand.