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StrongSuit Gloves | The Chopper
StrongSuit Gloves takes performance tactical gloves, motorcycle gloves, and work gloves to the next level with the best fit, giving you strength at hand.
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The Chopper


The Chopper

Style #51400 Size S-XXL

Designed for use in fast-rope tactical operations. The Chopper uses a combination of Meta-Aramid fabrics and Keratan Leathers to reduce thermal heat transfer during operations requiring friction and generating heat.

  1. Abrasion resistant, heat dissipating Keratan leather palm patches, reinforced with meta-aramid thread. Revolutionary designed patches wrap at the finger folds to give added heat resistance you won’t find in any other glove.
  2. Highly durable cowhide palm, backed with Meta-Aramid fabric for strength and heat resistance.
  3. Meta-aramid back of hand material for heat resistance.
  4. Molded knuckles, with leather covering. Floating knuckle design for increased comfort and flexibility.
  5. Cinch wrist closure for a better, no slip fit.
  6. Pre-curved fingers, for a natural fit.

Strong Suit Gloves take performance tactical gloves to the next level with a better fitting glove, giving you STRENGTH AT HAND.

  • StrongSuit Gloves takes performance tactical gloves to the next level with the best fit, giving you can have strength at hand.